Music for “Cornography”

Cornography examines the role corn takes in the United States in everything from pop-culture to Coca Cola and how politics and the economy shape the relationship Americans have with corn.  It was filmed and produced by AMU graduate students Heather Danskin and Katie Kassof.

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Some of the tracks I contributed:

1. Mother Earth — a sweet and simple blend of Appalachian lap dulcimer (G diatonic tuning) which I played myself,  and Real Guitar which I used with a MIDI keyboard.

2. The Simple Life — a Carter Burwell-esque (composer for Doc Hollywood) ensemble of tuba and other wind and string instruments.  I improvised the main theme first with the lap dulcimer built by and borrowed from Crooked Crow lead guitarist Brian Symmes.   I played the violin part myself and doubled with a VST.  I added real recorder at the end for a hint of whimsy.

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