Headshrinker music for National Geographic Channel

I had a great time writing these three tracks to accompany a Headshrinker web app on the National Geographic Channel website.  Built by Neo-Pangea and part of the “Expedition Week” digital campaign, the app allowed you to upload a picture, wrap it over a three-dimensional shrunken head, add some gruesome decorations and finally preview and share it while enjoying the choice of an ambient rainforest track and three musical selections (provided by yours truly).

Who shrunk my head?

Track One: Headshrinker “Movie” — inspired by the first scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Love East-West’s creepy string samples!

Track Two: Headshrinker “Tribal” — this features a berimbau (Amazonian river basin instrument which evolved from gourd-based instruments brought from African slaves) sound from my old version of  Sample Tank 2.0.  Way to go, Sample Tank!

Track Three: Headshrinker “Jungle” — a livelier dance influence to shake things up.

Here’s a screenshot from the developer client site (the natgeotv.com website has since been redesigned and the original link is not available).

See it in action at Neo Pangea: http://demo.neo-pangea.com/archive/natgeo/headshrinker/

National Geographic Channel: http://natgeotv.com

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