Free jam: Bodhrán, meet Wurlitzer

Been trying to have more jam sessions with my husband, Ian, of an evening.   He’s about as experienced in playing music as I am in professional tight-rope walking, but he picks up patterns quickly, and sharing some basic chord progressions and rhythms has been surprisingly rewarding for both of us.

Tonight, after a little bass and guitar jamming (in which I struggled to keep up on my new learner guitar!), we added a little percussion to the mix.  We have a bodhrán, a Celtic drum, that we bought at the music shop in Stratford-upon-Avon years ago; even beginners like Ian can produce some satisfying sounds with little effort (although in the hands of a master it can talk).  I joined in with a vaguely folksy British Isles fusion thing, and this is the result.

Caution: Very rough (that goes for the performance too) with little post-prod, but hey, it was our single run-through and that’s not bad!

Notes: Original Wurlitzer 200A refurb’ed by Vintage Vibe and amped through a Fender Acoustasonic on a verb and delay setting.

Learn some bodhrán basics with this excellent video presented by the Online Academy of Irish Music!

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