Teenagers and their pixie-dust powers of validation

Reason #429 that owning a DeLorean is awesome: it attracts high school kids who stand around loudly exclaiming that you, and it, are the coolest things ever.  Twice in a row I’ve left work late and found the DeLorean alone on the top level of the garage surrounded by a small group of awed teenagers who had decided to visit yuppie paradise after school but were now somewhat permanently diverted by a 30-year-old car.

Before I could see them or they could see me, I could hear their exuberant voices.  (You know how crappy it is to overhear people say mean things about you when they think you’re not there?  Turn that completely on its head then walk right out into it.  Yeah, it feels pretty amazing.)

“Is it… yours??”

“This is so cool.  Wow.  This is soooo coool!”

“You mean you’ll let me sit in it??”

Teenagers think I’m cool?  I’m finally popular to high school kids?  Scoff all you want, you non-conformist socially maladjusted “I-will-mindfully-and-hypocritically-rise-above-peer-pressure” nerds like me.  I’d bottle this feeling if I could.

I drove away from my new fan club feeling supremely validated.   And I learned something: it’s important to witness first-hand the dizzying effect of admiration while I’m still an otherwise ordinary, introverted, self-doubter.  Otherwise, it could really go to my head.

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