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Go see Ultrasonic, hitting theaters in June!

Thumbnail for Ultrasonic
A musician with hyper-sensitive hearing goes in search of an ominous sound that plagues him, but is inaudible to everyone else.

Looking for a smart yet gripping psychological thriller with an awesome hand-crafted soundtrack? June is totally your month! Check out Ultrasonic, a highly anticipated DC micro-indie film premiering nationally in select theaters on June 1st.

If you live in DC, you can see Ultrasonic at the most excellent West End Cinema (east of Georgetown on M St.), which has a very nice bar, homemade marshmallows, the best damn popcorn I’ve ever had (secret = coconut oil!), and is walking distance from many great pre/post-show restaurants.

Don’t just take my word for it — Ultrasonic’s facebook page quietly promotes its press darling status (and is also a great place to learn more about the film and fans).

Or check out DC Film Girl’s write-up!

Best of luck to my friend, director and musician Ro Rao, his writing partner Mike Maguire, and the actors, crew and fans as they take Ultrasonic to more theaters across the country!

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