Moody Mute | sketch

Another little sketch created around a particular Omnisphere muted Strat sound (along with others from the Omnisphere palette) plus Stylus drum loops.

Influences include The Police (wish I had Stewart’s hat filigree instead of these dull loops!) and Little Big Planet.

Things to listen for:

  • Special tuning on the “Oil Can Guitar”. (Go to Main: Tuning in any Omnisphere voice and play with historical/Western plus many modern 0r ethnic scales.  Beware 1/4 tones!)
  • Deliberately weird quantizing in the bass — tuplet 8ths or something.  It’s fun to use MIDI on purpose.
  • One of the melodies towards the end, also on the Oil Can Guitar, shares most of its rhythm with a theme from Super Mario World.  I played the Mario one out first, then altered the pitches and deleted a few notes until it fit.  Another good source for rhythms are famous rock or jazz solos or obscure classical themes.

Like where this is headed?   Maybe you could collab on real drums.  Or, ask me for a pro version.  Thanks for listening!

Bear chair photo courtesy of the fine folks at this interesting Dutch blog about chairs.   Dank u wel!

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