First dance tango remix, “At Last”

Earlier this year, ballroom dancing-enthusiast friends asked me to create a tango version of Etta James’ recording of “At Last” that they would use for their first dance at their private May wedding.  I tailored the tempo to their exacting needs based on some practice sessions and guidance from their dance instructor!

This is an excerpt of the result, which was my gift to them.


  • I performed the strings from the original arrangement (by ear) and used Omnisphere’s “Clusterphonic Strings” for excellent vintage imitation of the real thing
  • Piano, bass, and drums are sequenced MIDI
  • No beatmatching occurred!  I purchased a recent solo-track recording of Etta James’ performance, then simply cut up the phrases to cue the entrances appropriately for the faster tempo.

Copyright and disclaimers:

“At Last” by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren copyright 1942 , renewed 1969 Twentieth Century Music Corp. Rights throughout the world controlled by Leo Feist Inc. 
This remix was not sold and was performed at a wedding (not a paid concert).

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