Velvet Lounge Fashion

Thanks to everyone who bundled up and came out to hear Ro Rao, Panda Sanchez, and me at Velvet Lounge this past Saturday!  I had a great time debuting some originals in a solo format for everyone!

I don’t often post pictures of myself or talk about what I wear, but I made An Effort this past Saturday and I was pleased with the results, so I thought I’d share.

I usually prefer simple, figure-hugging clothes that let me walk or run, move my arms freely at the piano, and navigate flights of stairs carrying gear without any problems (which usually makes them somewhat androgynous — I don’t want any heels, frilly things, or skirts getting between me and an injury-free night!).  However, I also realize that they don’t necessarily offset my close-cropped haircut and the slight physical severity that comes from being a little on the skinny and angular side.

Therefore, I scoured my wardrobe for something: 1. warm (holy wind chill!), 2. feminine and floaty, and 3. vintage, warm-colored (no sparkle or neon), yet 4. comfortable, and here’s the result!

Laura in Ted Baker, Desigual, and Kenneth Cole

Laura in Ted Baker, Desigual, and Kenneth Cole

Jacket: Ted Baker

Dress: Desigual

Jean Leggings: Kenneth Cole

Boots: Exit

Scarf: (Something I picked up at Mademoiselle Pamplemousse in Esslingen, Germany!)

Pictures by Ian Weddell

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