The piano, introducing The Beatles!

Instrumental versatility is something that set the Beatles apart from many of their contemporaries and other guitar-centric bands.  Their native musicianship and piano prowess, the classical piano influences of their producer George Martin (who performed the solos on Lovely Rita and used VariSpeed for In My Life), as well as their excellent decision to collaborate with soulful organ and keyboard prodigy Billy Preston all contributed to many catchy piano-based riffs and interesting keyboard textures that I love to hear and play.

Here’s my mini-medley performance of notable piano and keyboard introductions of some classic choons.

Further Reading and Listening:

Finally, here’s a lovely studio session video of Let It Be from 1970 (Billy Preston on organ).  Look, bassist Paul is actually playing a different instrument, the piano, WHILE singing!  (That’s sarcasm… there are so many one-trick ponies abound nowadays!)

One thought on “The piano, introducing The Beatles!

  1. Love your output, Laura. Billy Preston with Ray Charles STILL tickles my boat, y’know. Now try this, Ms Peterson: — Cold, Wet and Sockless by The Weave (Rob Stringer on piano). Keep the music real, dear LP. PnL from LIVERPOOL, UK.

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