All Things I Wish You Are Love

“All Things I Wish You Are Love” is based on a poem written by my late uncle Frank when he was a younger man.

He lost his fight with cancer when I was in high school.  When I saw this poem at my cousin’s baby shower a few years ago, the music started to pour into my head.  When I sat down at my Wurlitzer the next day, the riffs and structure came alive.  Uncle Frank loved a variety of music and I hope he would have enjoyed my take on his poetry.  As my album project gains momentum, I intend to use this song to raise money for a cancer charity in his honor.

For now, if you want to share a little love in the name of men’s cancer research, I think Movember is fabulous.  Thank you!

Much gratitude to Dave Mallen for a great recording and studio production, and Mike Smirnoff and Mike Tony Echols for their awesome performances on drums and bass, respectively. Can’t wait to share more of my work with this trio!