Please email or call anytime between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm, 7 days a week, for information on availability and rates. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email: laura AT escapepodaudio DOT com

Cell: (703) 915-1148



3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Laura,
    I’m a Laura too. I located your blog via several links searching for information about the Diana Peterson who sang and recorded the Anne Bradstreet poem “If Ever Two Were One.” I have studied Anne Bradstreet for many years and am curious how Ms. Peterson found Bradstreet’s works. So many people view her poetry as derogatory to women.

    Are you related to Diana Peterson, or is the last name simply a coincidence? I look forward to hearing back from you!

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank you for your comment! Diana is my mother. She wrote an entire song cycle on Anne Bradstreet’s poems and, as an elementary school educator, also taught Bradstreet’s poems during segments on colonial life. She felt the poems were empowering and sympathetic. I would be happy to pass you her email and put you two in touch!

      Thank you for stopping by!


      1. Hi Laura,

        Thank you for kind reply! And yes, I’d be grateful if you could provide her email to me so I can write to her directly. I’d love to meet both of you someday. What part of the world do you live in? I live in extreme south Texas, as in 10 miles north of the Rio Grande River; born and raised here in this unique place where you don’t really feel like you’re a part of the state or the U.S. but not a part of Mexico either. It’s an interesting cultural experience living here.

        I usually travel at least once a year for my job so there might be a real opportunity to me you, her, or both if you’re near any large city at which I might be attending a conference or convention.

        Thank you again for taking the time to reply. I look forward to hearing more from you and your mom!

        Have a great week!


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